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Being able to capture the elegance and beauty of dance is one of my great passions, and I work hard to capture the genuine spirit of dance. With more than 20 years of expertise in the field of dance photography, I know how to highlight the distinctive character and talent of each dancer I work with. I will make sure that the brilliance and expertise of each dancer, young and old, is portrayed in the art we create together, whether it be dance photography for recital on location at your dance studio or a spotlight session in the portrait studio at Jill Christine Photography.

The sweetest, most professional photographer! Always an amazing time working with Jill, she is brilliant!!!

When you put Jill Christine Photography behind the camera and a dancer in front of it, you get MAGIC.  We have been opting for a more casual dance photo session over purchasing a bunch of recital costume photos each spring and, well, it’s pretty incredible seeing two people’s passions collide on the 3rd floor of an old downtown building.  Book a session with her for your dancer; you won’t regret it.

We had an amazing experience working with Jill for my daughter's first dance recital pictures. I was so sad to think that we might miss out on photos for the year because recital had been cancelled. Despite COVID, she found a way to offer the photos in a safe dancers at a distance option. My daughter LOVED being dressed up- not camera shy in the slightest- and Jill was able to capture her spirit and energy in the photos. Though they were not traditional dance photos, they are still quite special! Looking forward to my daughter's second year of dance and seeing Jill again!




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